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Preventative methods to strengthen threat administration and control risk pipe segments



To effectively handle the risk of pipe pipe inspection leakage risk, improve leaking pipe inspection work efficiency, probing the company to take the initiative, from the end of June, after just about two months’ time, on the east, west pipeline network are all at risk of pipe were a noise Logger monitors.
Up to now, a total of placing noises Logger1314 months (since the Second Ring Road road construction transformation, in order to prevent the device is lost, yet for Logger place), the data gathering, analysis, summary after the show, which unsecured debts for about suspected leaks put the number of reactions 20%. Next, the company will further the setup of high-risk pipe closely supervised, and there are unusual circumstances leaking pipe segment point positioning pipe inspection.
The focus on high-risk pipe segment noise monitor received good results, effectively reducing pipeline leakage, but also for probing the company to create a good economic benefits.

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