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pipe inspection infrared natural gas detection theory


Infrared gas analyzer, gas analysis is the make use of of infrared rays. It is based on a different quantity of components to be reviewed, diverse rays consumption. The leftoverg radiation tends to make the heat rise inside the detector, the switching sheets of film diverse from the tension side, to produce a capacitor pipe inspection signal of the detector. This can indirectly measure the concentration of components to be reviewed.


. Examination of pipe inspection principles
Infrared natural gas analyzer is made up of 2 self-employed light source can produce two beams of infrared, correspondingly, after the stream modulator, a ray of 5Hz. In accordance to the actual demands of rays by a filter to reduce the background of other gases absorb infrared gas ingredient interference.
Infrared by two air slot provided is filled with a continual flow by the test pipe inspection gas dimension slot provided, the other is brimming with a non-absorbing attributes of the benchmark chamber design gas. Operation, when calculating pipe inspection slot provided calculated gas concentrations, , the consumption of infrared light amount change accordingly, , and the benchmark beam (reference chamber beam) does not change the volume of light. From the inner compartment out of the light volume big difference by the detector, the pressure difference detector and the detector signal into a capacitor. This signal is amplified by the signal conditioning circuitry highly processed and sent to the maintain a record of as well as the total control of the CRT display. The size of the output signal is proportional to the concentration and the measured components.

Infrared gas analyzer can be used to analyze a variety of polyatomic gases, such as: C2H2, C2H4, C2H5OH, C3H6, C2H6, C3H8, NH3, CO2, CO, CH4, SO2, etc. Can be used to analyze the same kind of atoms polyatomic gas and the inert gas, such as: N2, Cl2, H2, O2, and He, Ne, Ar, etc.


Depending on the component gases of different wavelengths of infrared absorption characteristics of the selective analysis of the work instruments. This absorption spectrum measurement to determine the type of gas; absorption intensity measurements to determine the concentration of the measured gas. Use of infrared analyzer wide range, not only to analyze the gas composition, solution composition can be analyzed, and the high sensitivity, rapid response, to online continuous indication, control system can also be composed. Commonly used in industry for detecting infrared gas analyzer section consists of two parallel optical system composed of the same structure.

A measuring chamber is pipe inspection, one is the reference chamber. Light board chambers by cutting a certain period simultaneously or alternately open and close the optical path. Measured in the measurement chamber of the gas, the gas to be measured with specific wavelengths of light is absorbed, so that the optical path through the measuring chamber into the receiving chamber of the infrared flux reduction. The higher the gas concentration, the gas chamber into the infrared light flux received less; while the flux through the reference chamber is certain, the infrared device chamber into the flux is constant. Therefore, the higher the concentration of the calculated gas through the measuring chamber and the reference slot provided flux difference is bigger. This flux difference is the amplitude of vibration is a predetermined period projected to the infrared device in the gas chamber. Experiencing chamber a few microns thick metal film is separated into two halves, inside sealed with a larger concentration of the test component gas in the absorption wavelength range can absorb all incident infrared rays, so that the pulsating flux becomes periodic variation of the temperature, and then according to the heat shift of gas equation is converted to pressure changes, and then use the capacitive sensor to detect the increased processing indicates the measured gas concentration. Except for using capacitive sensors, but also can directly detect infrared quantum infrared sensor and infrared interference filter for wavelength selection and with tunable laser as the lightweight source, the formation of a new all-solid-type infrared gas analyzer. This analyzer with only one light source, a measuring chamber, an infrared sensor for measurement of gas concentration can be done. In addition, the use of a filtration system with a plurality of different wavelengths CD, were measured simultaneously in multi-component gas quantity of various gases.

And infrared analyzer principle also similar UV analyzer, analyzer, photoelectric colorimeter, the industrially used more.

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