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Locations steel gasoline pipeline buried pipe inspection equipment and system demands

First, the exterior coating of the calculating instrument pipe inspection demands
1, on the type of coating indefinite
2, for gas smothered pipeline harm point with a strong the positioning of capability and accuracy, positioning pipe outer cover harm point accuracy ± (1.0m) or less. Able to the insulation of pipeline coatings evaluated preferred.
3, the instrument requires light, the method showed a direct, simple and efficient operational requirements.

Second, the pipe inspection rust detector requirements
1, using a variety of ways (including excavation and no excavation) detection of buried pipes, pipe outer wall can detect corrosion wall loss, circumferential cracks and depth of more than 70% of the longitudinal cracks and external impact damage;
2, suitable for all genres of gas pipeline diameter size measurements;
3, have sufficient wall thickness recognition accuracy, the dependability of at least 2%, one-time detection of length greater than 200 meters;
4, the instrument system demands for visual display of the test results can be obtained directly corrosion depth, size and general shape;
5, the detection equipment are small, lighting weight, easy on-site flexible application.

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