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Exterior the discovery of smothered pipe, pipe inspection technologies services comprehensive story of the

In the oil, gas transportation, the pipe transport plays an irreplaceable role in the oil and petrochemical enterprises an essential part of the infrastructure, pipeline operation and management of infrastructure construction management work is the most important part. Pipeline coating a long time since the emergence of underground aging, brittle hair, stripping, off cause pipe corrosion, pipeline leakage or even fatal accidents often occur; in urban construction, road construction and other third parties is not clear due to pipeline construction exact location of the leak caused by the transmission medium, explosions and other accidents are not a little bit different. Meanwhile stray current will also have a very strong pipeline buried metal corrosion, cathodic protection techniques for pipelines also has a awesome role in the destruction. To reduce security incidents, to ensure pipe in the physical and dependable integrity of the pipe inspection always below control, pipe inspection to identify defects in the outer protective coating, is essential to grasp the pipe route.

According to figures, the the vast majority of our oil and gas pipelines have entered the pipe inspection and defect fixes necessary cycle planned for the pipeline coating modified desperately needed. My company based on years of experience in construction for pipeline coating repair and protect defect removal, master pipeline route and provide an important scientific basis for depth.

Pipeline deterioration primary reasons are: soil erosion, air corrosion, stray current pipeline corrosion hazards of oil, natural gas, city gas and h2o current pipes smothered outer coating time since the emergence of long aging, delicate hair, stripping, off, In case of leakage will cause incalculable economic loss and security provocations. Technological Services 1, outer coating testing ground trenchless underground pipeline detection and mapping the external pipe coating damage discovery, location, intensity of the damaged point to classify the restoration of main concern outer coating warmth performance evaluation, grading pipeline coatings Comprehensive assessment report and corrective instructions 2, cathodic protection cathodic protection system parameters state detection test tube ground potential (powered off) test DC voltage gradient and close interval potential test (DCVG, CIPS) evaluate the effectiveness of the cathodic protection system 3, the spurious Current test pipe breakage stray current inflow and discharge direction and size of AC interference voltage, current density test tube ground potential (powered off) 4 24 hours of steady testing, soil testing soil medium corrosive corrosive situ enthusiasm of soil properties Analysis of soil corrosivity evaluation of soil resistivity screening

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