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Israeli researchers successfully produced a real-time recognition of water system piping

Regarding to foreign media allegations, Israel’s Tel Aviv University, a physics mentor just lately successfully produced a pipeline inspection program in the recognition of water supply facilities and residential properties are contaminated, you can find out whether real or natural disasters due to our factors endanger the household tap water.

This pipeline inspection system developed at Tel Aviv University or college School of Physics, Astronomy Professor Kai Ji said that many people consider they should be daily contact with household tap water is safe, it is not.

Kay economical use of « infrared fiber » as a water high quality testing agent, and linking the store-bought infrared spectrometer infrared fiber, whose colors in real-time identification and inform the relevant units, properties, or residential water pipeline models and storage facilities are contaminated.
After starting tests, this infrared spectrometer fiber link pipe inspection system did find a large number of drinking water wells in Israel have excessive pesticide ingredients, does not meet the World Health Being organized (WHO) published standards.

Reported that some parts of Europe have also taken by the the system, complete water quality testing, the results will be published in the latest issue of the « Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. »

In addition to discovering whether the contaminated water, the article said Kai Ji said that this pipeline inspection system can also be found in real time, whether drinking water was used to terrorist organizations or terrorist chemical agents, like the United States is in fear of being for the diseased water risk in particular, need to care for towards any form of chemical terrorist attacks.

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