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Fat and propane gas pipe inspection technology status and progress trends

pipe inspection Review


Pipe laying community involving land, sea, and some throughout the river, rail and highway. Pipe wrap

Let the environment and made an important factor affecting diagnosis.


General of the pipeline external and internal testing,

When detected through the external difficulties,

?nner testing approach should be used


Pipe line administration is not easy,

Reality had under declaration data speculation about the scope tube

Road conditions across the board.

Since the pipe inspection gear,

Especially the detector pigging practical and reliable test results

Of increase, the pipe inspection complete field possible.


The main detection technology


Buried pipeline position recognition technology


From the ground exterior using the detection of buried pipeline location technology,

To grasp the position of underground oil and gas pipelines,

Prevent construction

Facilities work accident.


① electromagnetic induction of often the Act is divided into direct and indirect methods. Direct method is passed directly to the change of buried pipeline






With an alternating magnetic field detection coils,

The size and direction of a magnetic field to detect the embedded position.

Indirect ophthalmoscope

Measurement method is to use electromagnetic induction to produce eddy buried pipe, with the exact same method as the direct detection of buried position.

Direct method and high reliability.


② eddy current method by means of a high-frequency current through the excitation coil close to the buried steel pipe,

Coil impedance changes required

Laying position.


③ static magnetic field by means of the guide current method for underground pipes, which produces a static magnetic field according to the size requirements laying position.


④ acoustic approach of smothered pipeline or fluid for the media,

Transmission frequency sound waves,

To detect the traditional acoustic trend on the ground



⑤ ultrasonic transmitter from the ground to the subterranean transmission pulse,

And use the receiver to snap from the underground burial

Was reflected acoustic indicators, using the received signal pattern to measure the pipeline location.


Method ⑥ radar antenna from the ground on the pulse current,

With receiving antenna from the subterranean laying of anti-matter

Emitted signals, in that case the received signal pattern to detect the pipeline location.


⑦ pigging tracking method with a coil antenna is fed into the pipeline pigging,

A receiver linked to the surface land

Pigging received low-frequency alternating magnetic field generated from pigging pipeline buried by confirming the position.


⑧ pigging develop detection method will be equipped with a rotary instrument,

Rangefinder and recorders into the pipeline pigging,


With the wiring diagram drawn by the recorder detect pipeline locations.

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