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Pipe inspection automaton (Pipeline CCTV Assessment Method)


Simple introduction


Pipe inspection robot main features:
An all-round video detection
Before and after the installation of two pipe robot-resolution color camera, front camera can be 360 ° observation, auto-focus, 100-fold magnification system, rear camera when reversing open with auxiliary lighting system;
2, the image sensor automatic tilt angle detection system (camera system)
Camera support system, auto detection camera body tilt angle correction accuracy 0.5 °; can make the captured image is always upright position so that the operating personnel to observe;
3 NC auxiliary lighting system

Pipe inspection robot making use of a digital encoder control auxiliary lighting system that can reasonably precise configuration source, the latest chip technology, low-power lighting sizable increase in lighting, while swallowing only conventional illumination 1/3, extended gear in nasty areas working hours, safety factor greatly;

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