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To successfully lessen leakage consumption, need to plan to coordinating pipe inspection device a few suggestions


Change from passive to active pipe inspection pipe inspection, pipe inspection team set up as soon as possible, the dropout control to a minimum.
1.pipe inspection team set up
(1) pipe inspection staff quality
With the improvement of science and technological innovation, more and more advanced leak detection technology and equipment. Therefore, the leak should have the following conditions:
① knowledge level as high as possible, should have a high school scholastic ability;
② should have aggressive professionalism and reliability, ambition;
③ To be good at learning, continuous exploration and practice, and actively summed leak experience;
④ In the age structure of the suggestion on the old, young combination (ratio of about 1:3:5), and gradually transition to the better.
(2) Leak crew
Generally every 80 to 100 km drinking water pipeline leak detection with a ~ 2.
(3) Leak staff functions
① accustomed with the situation in the region pipeline operation;
② lead leak detector device as well as pipe locating equipment;
③ mastered conventional leak detection methods;
④ liable for the District Circuit leak;
⑤ responsible for equipment maintenance and repair;
⑥ do leak records, fill out reports, and prepare reports leak
(4) Leak examination indicators
① dark had missed out rate (dark leak detection and repair leakage ratio of the total number) should be greater than 85%;
② correct leak rate (leak detection staff reported leakage point location and the actual distance of 1 meter in the ratio) should be more significant than 95%.
(2) Optional pipe inspection equipment effectively
The Water Division of the geographic, economic and technical conditions are different, the choice of instruments is different, according to their own specific circumstances matching. Through the geographical situation analysis, Southern shallow buried pipeline, with a missed instrument can solve 70% of the leakage; while the northern pipeline buried deeper, harder sound leakage to the ground, the best choice of the relevant instrument. However, analysis of economic and design problems, municipalities, provincial capitals, cities and financially developed city water department optional advanced leak detector device, such as a rapid reduction of leakage consumption provided preconditions.
(3) Strengthen pipe assessment staff training
Leak is a well-rounded get the job done, with a leak detector device, and did not choose the right people it is difficult to play a benefit, which requires strengthening the leak staff training, in order to improve outflow detection skills, but also to teach assessment Leakage staff hard-working professionalism.
4 Select the effective pipe inspection method
Although many strategies leak water industry, but from the practical effect of leak detection, leak detection method should be used to tone audiometry, associated leak detection method, sound leakage intelligent monitoring method or rupture leak detection method. Many Water Division are made of these methods, to control the leak provides played a certain role.
5 pipe assessment to fully mobilize the fervor of staff
Leak detection is a hard work outdoors, sometimes need to work at night, how to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff is a leak the water department should be concerned about. Economic levers should be used to create benefits and punishment of the management system to tremendously mobilized the enthusiasm of staff leak.

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