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Waterlogging elimination along with drainage pipe inspection Raiders


Urban waterlogging triggered mainly due to pipe blockage triggered by below average drainage. In additional words, keep the city drains unblocked, you can tremendously ease the force on urban drainage, timely and beneficial resolution to the sensation of urban water.

City sewer trunk roads are in general based in the city, all categories of sludge, rubbish, etc. easily penetrate them, over time, if not timely dredge dredging would seriously clogged pipes, causing hydrocephalus. There are some age-old pipeline, prone to rupture, deformation, corrosion, scaling and other phenomena, which directly led to poor drainage or pipe blockage.

1 pipe cleaning, drain, sewage suction

The pipeline (sewers, drains, gutters, industrial piping, etc.) for high-pressure water jet cleaning, simultaneously clear and smoke pollution, can effectively remove the pipe silt, obstruction, stones, gravel, sediment, roots, knot dirt, etc., can dredge completely blocked, roots twine, freezing pipes, etc., open up clogged drains, Paul city pipeline flow.

2 pipe camera, pipe inspection

Robot detection system through a pipe or pipe periscope system can find and pinpoint aging or damaged pipelines specific location, provide the basis for the construction maintenance. In the city’s old pipe network transformation can also play an important role in blocking the pipe, the pipe network water diversion, pipes, etc. can make effective assessment interspersed.

Sonar detection: not only able to furnish skilled scanned images to quantify cross-section of the pipeline, we can also determine the water capacity of the existing pipeline, water or road pavement analysis happens to take the possibility of water and other severe conditions.

3 pipe sealing, repair punctate

With inflatable pipe plugs for drains in the development or repair procedure through the water pipes are being temporarily insert, and then using trenchless repair airbags and within the pipe lining material leakage, corrosion, aging, damage repair, etc., Applying the above method can be regular, affordable, safe, reliable and professional guarded drains.

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